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Oriental Rug Repairs

Expert craftsmen, using techniques handed down by our grandparents, perform our repair work. Below is a list of the basic services we offer to our clients.

  • Fringes – worn and unraveling fringes are interwoven and resecured back into the rug.   
  • Edges - The sides or edges are reworked and overcasted with Persian yarns to duplicate the original overcast and prevent any further damage.Rug Repair
  • Restoration – Many Oriental Rugs that appear old and worn may be cosmetically restored using Persian inks and dyes to bring out their original beauty and color.
  • Hanging Pockets – For those small antique rugs and fine silk pieces, we sew pockets on the backs so they may be hung out of harms way and beautifully displayed with no stress to the rug.
  • Reweaving – We do reweaving of small holes and tears in our shop. For larger, more complex damage areas, the rugs are sent to our experts in New York.
  • Appraisals - Our certified appraisals on Oriental Rugs are accepted by all major insurance companies in the United States.
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