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The cleaning of all types of Oriental and Domestic area rugs has been the mainstay of the business for the past 80 years. The process has changed little from the method our grandfather developed. Leaving out some of our “secret’ steps, here is a brief summary of what happens to your rug (assuming it is a wool rug with a cotton foundation) once it has arrive at our cleaning plant. We have a method to accommodate any Oriental rug form a 100% wool tribal to the most delicate silk rugs and tapestries.

  • The rugs are placed face down on large vibrating screens to remove the loose dirt and grit then thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Next the rug is saturated with water and a special lanolin soap solution and left to soak Rug Cleaningfrom 2 – 8 hrs. The amount of soaking time depending on the size of the rug.
  • The rug is now ready for washing.  It is gently scrubbed on both sides until all the soil is removed and left upside down to let gravity pull out any left over soil and residue.
  • After scrubbing the rug is rinsed front and back with copious amounts of water and squeegee'd until it runs clear. During the rinsing process, the rug may be flipped over up to ten times.
  • The remaining water is extracted with large wet vacuums and the rugs are placed flat on horizontal racks in climate controlled rooms to dry.
  • The fringes must be hand washed separately only after the body of the rug is dry to prevent discoloration.
  • The fringes are then dried, combed, and trimmed and the pile of the rug thoroughly vacuumed.

When the rug passes our final inspection, it is ready to be delivered back to you. The complete washing process (not including the drying) can take up to 6 hrs for a 9 X 12 rug.


Over the years, we have seen many a shocked client who has been convinced by their steam service rep to let them to steam clean their Oriental Rugs. Steam extraction methods are an excellent way to clean your installed carpeting. However, it is one of the most destructive methods I can think of for cleaning an Oriental Rug. Have you ever washed a wool sweater in hot water? The steam extraction method uses water that is extremely hot and chemicals that are not made for some of the delicate dyes used in Oriental Rugs. So be WARNED.... Even if you get by with it a few times. Steam cleaning an Oriental Rug will dry out the wool, damage the integrity of the dyes, and take years off its life.


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