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About the Demanes Oriental Rug

Demanes Oriental Rug, is a“full service” Oriental Rug business centrally located in Peoria, Illinois. Our rug emporium is located on the second floor of the Demanes Galleries building, which also features a complete contemporary design studio, Demanes Interiors, and an artsy gift and accessory shop, Unique Accents.  

What does full service mean?

It means we not only sell Oriental and other types of area rugs, but we also Hand wash, repair, restore, appraise rugs. We were first established in 1919 in the name of James Demanes & Sons. About Us(See Family’s History, with unique and interesting original photographs) We maintain an extensive and dynamic inventory of Oriental Rugs from virtually every major rug producing country in the world. The Demanes Oriental Rug features a spectacular selection of antique rugs and accessories.  
Since 1919, the Demanes Oriental Rug has developed a vast number of resources throughout the country. If you are looking for a particular type of rug, design or woven accessory, the probability is that we already have it or will be able to obtain it for you.

Our “by hand,” restoration and wet washing processes are methods taught to us by our grandfather and have remained virtually unchanged in the 80 plus years we have been in business. The Demanes Oriental Rug still maintains many of the rugs our grandfather sold, all those years ago.

In years past, we experimented with Oriental Rug cleaning plants in large cities with huge industrial “Oriental Rug Washing Machines”. We tried to streamline, and mechanize our in-house process to make the process easier. Nothing has come close to outclassing the tried and tested process we had been using for generations.

When you visit the washing and repair section you will experience what happens to your rug during our washing process. See you at the rug plant!


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